Friday, April 29, 2016


After I caught a bass and kept fishing for a while, I found my wood Lucky 13 broken. It chipped the lower lip and wood grain became exposed. It was one of my favorite wood Lucky 13's, and I was a little shocked.  

I decided to repair it last last night using a chunk of wood. As it is a used lure with a lot of scratches and paint-offs, I roughly painted and varnished the lip, but I think it's not bad. I'd like to catch some more fish with this nice bait.

I went fishing again early this morning, but due to unseasonably low temperature I got skunked.

Today's tackle: ABU Ultra Mag II, Phillipson Stream Knight SK64LS w/ STTS grip, Stren Clear Blue 12lb, Original Zara Spook, Wounded Spook, Crab Wiggler, etc.

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