Saturday, February 11, 2012

Strange and unpleasant sensation

After I ran 30 km last Sunday, I felt a strange unpleasant sensation around my right knee. I've been taking care of it this past week and try not to run very long, but I still feel a little pain when I descend stairs. Today, I went buying a knee support for running, and tried 10 km slow jog with it. I feel much better, but I hear two voices in my mind. "You can have another race in the future, but have only one right knee.", and "Once you quit, it's over." I understand I should be patient not to push myself, but....

By the way, I'd like to start my fishing season from next month. I recently got  a nice old Original Zara Spook (sway-back) in XBW color. The color is very common, but ones with cream-colored eyes are much fewer than those with white eyes (this is the second one I got). The cream ones work very fine and you can take a brisk dog-walk action with them. I thoroughly recommend them.