Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lessons from the past

I have recently started to use old lenses to newer digital cameras. This is just like what people of former days said, "Use the things of the past the way they were originally used."

Olympus E-420 & OM G. ZUIKO AUTO-G 28mm F3.5

Too sleepy......ZZZZZZ

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Went to Osaka

I went to Namba (=Nanba), Osaka, to see an exhibition featuring a Japanese novelist, Takeshi Kaiko (dear departed). He was born in Osaka and the exhibition was a memorial to his 80th birth. He was also very famous as a fisher visiting all through the world, and I collect his books and fishing tackle that he used. After carefully watching every showpiece, I bought a new book and a calendar for myself.

This exhibition is held in a redeveloped building (there was a baseball stadium before). It reminds me that around this place there once was a good fishing tackle shop. When I was a teenager, I often bought reels and lures there.

Today, I took my two daughters with me, because they wanted to go to an Okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka. They make it a rule to watch this program every day and are more and more affected. Anyhow, what huge appetites they have!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bought a new camera

I've got a new (but second-hand) camera, and it is a lot of fun to take pictures with it. I busily read the instruction handbook every night before I sleep, but have not finished reading it, yet.

This is a good CF, isn't it?

Mine is the same as her camera. I'd like a single-focus lens like hers.