Saturday, February 19, 2011

Went to Osaka

I went to Namba (=Nanba), Osaka, to see an exhibition featuring a Japanese novelist, Takeshi Kaiko (dear departed). He was born in Osaka and the exhibition was a memorial to his 80th birth. He was also very famous as a fisher visiting all through the world, and I collect his books and fishing tackle that he used. After carefully watching every showpiece, I bought a new book and a calendar for myself.

This exhibition is held in a redeveloped building (there was a baseball stadium before). It reminds me that around this place there once was a good fishing tackle shop. When I was a teenager, I often bought reels and lures there.

Today, I took my two daughters with me, because they wanted to go to an Okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka. They make it a rule to watch this program every day and are more and more affected. Anyhow, what huge appetites they have!

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