Saturday, August 31, 2013

2-hour fishing and 4-hour running

It is the last day of August. I got up at 03:15 and went fishing in a small pond near out place. It's getting a little cooler these days and we have had some rain this week, so I expected a good fishing. I cast many lures, much more than usual, and got some nice reactions from fish, but I could catch only a bass (not so big). Anyway, as most fishers say a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work.

I wrapped up my fishing for about two hours, went home to change cloths, and then I started running. Because of a typhoon, it was too windy for me to run against the wind, and it took much longer time to finish today's running. I had to partly walk when gusting. As said before, it is the last day of August today, and I tallied the total distance of this month. I ran a total of 311 km (=193 miles) during this month, and 915 km (=569 miles) in these three months. It is right on schedule, but... I'm not really sure if I can finish the 100 km race in September. Right now, I'd like to keep my strength of mind.

Today's tackle: ABU 5000DL, Fenwick Boron-X X-953M (rebuilt), Stren 14lb (Hi-Vis Gold), Improved Hedd Plug, Zara Spook, Big Bud, Lucky 13, 210, Chugger Spook, Wounded Spook, Pico Pop, Pico Slasher, Hula Popper, etc.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Heddon Basser Spook?

You may think this is a perfect ordinary wood bait, Heddon Basser, but if you take a look at the logo on the belly, you'd be confused. It says 'HEDDON BASSER SPOOK'. A spook made of wood? Very strange item for collection.

Heddon Basser (1934 catalog)
Heddon Basser Spook (1934 catalog)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Altitude training?

It's been too hot around my place, so we went far to cool off. We trekked around mountain areas and went up to the peak of 1,700 m (about 5,700 ft) above sea level. It sounds a very high peak, but you can get to almost 1,400 m level by car and the trails to the peak are well-maintained so that you can reach there much more easily than you're afraid. I raced my older daughter, who belongs to a track team in her junior high school, and reached the top almost at the same time. Other two members of my family struggled and arrived much later.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Too hot

We have very hot weather these days here (36 degrees C, = about 100 degrees F), and it is too hot for most people to enjoy outdoor during daytime. I went fishing last weekend and today again, but fish were very slow. I got some good blow-ups but only caught one fish with a Big Bud (no pictures of the fish). Speaking of Big Bud, I grab a beer almost every evening.

After I'm back, I repaired one of my Pico Plunkers. Pico Plunkers were made of wood and sold by Nichols or Padre Island Company (= old Pico). I like them very much as well as Pico Pop lures. One eye of the yellow one (yellow body with black stripes, nice color) has gone, so I wanted to make the eyes of it by myself. I used spherical heads of needles, painted them, and put them on the eye holes of the lure body. 

I keep working out as well under this blazing hot summer condition. I finished 50 km pace running two weeks ago, and 7.5-hour trail running last week. I also ran a total of 40 km on Wednesday, to go to work and back from. I'm now wondering where to go tomorrow. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013


On 31 July, I ran twice, both before- and after- work. I was just like an elementary school kid who was in his homestretch to finish his homework in the end of a long summer vacation. In any event, I ran a total of 310km in July as I first planned.

I'm feeling a slight sign of fatigue around my right shin (above the ankle) and taking care of it. After having some good rest, I'd like to run 50km at a time in this weekend.

This picture shows soles of my running shoes that I ran 1000km with. My shoes always go to the bad after 600km running or so, but this pair (Asics Gel Funline) was tough enough. The outer soles on the heels have already gone, so I don't  think I will run long with them any more.