Saturday, January 19, 2013


After I ran on the last day of 2012, I've been feeling a strange sensation around my left Achilles tendon, so I now try to take much as rest and not to run so long and fast. I'm unhappy not to run fully, but I know the ache is presumably caused by overuse, so I have to be patient. Another bad event of 2013 was that my LCD monitor was broken on one of the new year days, and I had a hard time to use my main PC. Now, I could replace it with a new one and can read small fonts, too. 

As I don't run often during weekends, I have time enough to take care of my fishing tackle. Today, I received many nice items from a good friend of mine in the US (Thanks, V). I can't wait for the spring and go out for fishing with these cool items.

Mann's old frogs
Snag Proof old frogs
Snag Proof SK frogs
Bass Oreno rainbow trout (Crankbait co)
And Big-A (De Luxe)