Friday, January 31, 2014

Sweet 16

These are 'Sweet 16' made by Eger. The name sounds nice, as nice as 'Lucky 13'.
Almost thirty years have passed since I was 16, and I don't remind well whether my life of that age was really sweet or not.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Inventory 2

We had a little snowfall this morning.

Today, I finished making inventory of my rods. I didn't know I had this many ABU old rods.
Diplomat, Caster, Duet, Suecia, and so on. ABU rods look very beautiful, but their line guides are old-fashioned. They're all for my collection, not for fishing.

In the afternoon, I also finished Fred Arbogast, Gilmore, and Smithwick collections. The rests are 5-6 boxes, 2 cabinets and walls of my room. I'd like to finish completely before the fishing season starts.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Clouds are thick and stay very low. It is freezing cold out.
Earlier this month, it is a little unusual for me, but I caught a cold and couldn't go out for fun. In the meantime, I started making an inventory of my fishing tackle. I have not finished it, yet, and now the number of only Heddon lures has already turned 1,000. That of ABU reels has reached 100. I have no idea about how many is enough, though I use only a few of them at a time of fishing.

Today, I'm counting my Mr Don rods (products of Ebisu Japan). One of them is a special pack rod in a hard aluminum tube (PC 50PB). Originally the rod had a straight handle, but I had exchanged it to a Fuji GA handle to taste. I have used it only a few times, but it is the best rod when you want to be minimalistic with your tackle. 

My dog often comes in the way while I'm making a list.