Saturday, January 18, 2014


Clouds are thick and stay very low. It is freezing cold out.
Earlier this month, it is a little unusual for me, but I caught a cold and couldn't go out for fun. In the meantime, I started making an inventory of my fishing tackle. I have not finished it, yet, and now the number of only Heddon lures has already turned 1,000. That of ABU reels has reached 100. I have no idea about how many is enough, though I use only a few of them at a time of fishing.

Today, I'm counting my Mr Don rods (products of Ebisu Japan). One of them is a special pack rod in a hard aluminum tube (PC 50PB). Originally the rod had a straight handle, but I had exchanged it to a Fuji GA handle to taste. I have used it only a few times, but it is the best rod when you want to be minimalistic with your tackle. 

My dog often comes in the way while I'm making a list.

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