Saturday, March 20, 2010

Too windy

I tried to go out today, but it was so windy and stormy that I spend almost whole day at home. This year, I'd like to use some ABU Royal-series reels. Below are three of them, 'Royal Plus', 'Royal' and 'Royal Gold LE' (from the left). Royal Plus originally comes with magnet-controlling system, but I have removed it and attached conventional centrifugal breaking shoes. This reel is very light, and the plastic body may keep my left hand warm even during the early fishing season. Royal is very similar to 4600CB, but I removed the self-centering device, so it is now similar to 4600C. I guess this reel is another version of ABU Ambassadeur Record sold in Japan. Royal Gold LE is the newest among these reels, and works very smoothly. I also replaced their handles to shorter ones (ABU genuine shorter power handle for 1500C or 2500C), because I believe they're good for zippy reeling. Oh, I can't wait to get the lines wet.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


He may look very old, but has just become one year old. Today, we took him to a grooming parlor near our place (though, he did not want to go). It was the third time for him to be groomed.