Sunday, October 28, 2012

Go on

What're these reels?? The answer is 'ABU Ambassadeur F.I.V.E.' I'm holding a lot of memories about ABU F.I.V.E. reel. When I first visited the US in the late 1980s, I picked up one in K-mart store in Ohio. It was one of the cheapest ABU Ambassadeur reels there, but I wanted a black ABU Ambassadeur reel then, and decided to buy it. After I was back to Japan, I used it in Lake Biwa and other waters and caught a lot of fish.
Today, I put the handmade decals on the rims to decorate them tastefully. I'd like to use them again in my next fishing season.

I also made a decal (so-called face sticker) for my ABU Ambassadadeur Royal Gold LE. I'm not sure, but guessing LE means 'Limited Edition'. This is similar to ABU 4600C or Royal Express I, but the frame is gold.

And extras.

By the way, I had a slight cold on Thursday and Friday, and could not run a meter. I have not attained my monthly goal (300 km in total) in October, so I ran 23 km each yesterday and today. I have to finish strong for more three days to go.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Improved cosmetically

Old ABU decals (stickers) are getting more and more difficult to find these days. If you can't buy what you want, just try to make it by yourself! I've just made some ABU decals using an aluminum sheet. The fonts and colors a little different from original ones, but they're not so bad. With these small but nice items, my reels are improved cosmetically, as well as mechanically after regular overhauls.

Incidentally, my good friend in the US just sent me this beautiful lure (Walkin' Diddee, 3/4 oz) to me. I like it very much and am very happy to have it in my collection. This color is called a 'Jim Pfeffer's Shiner' or 'Spotted Ape', and I believe one of the coolest colors painted in many lures such as Southbend, Heddon and others.

WTB lures in this color:  Southbend Bass Oreno, and Smithwick King Snipe

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blue, Yellow, Swedish

Yesterday was parents' day of our daughters' school, and I could have no chances to go out for fishing this weekend. Today, I ran as usual (about 22km), and then cleaned up my reels in the evening (which reminded me that I washed my dog, too). These may look junk reels, but still mechanically work very smoothly. I believe ABU Ambassadeur reels made before the early 1980s are much tougher than later reels. The Swedish decals (blue/yellow) are very cool.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's difficult to master.....

It's always very difficult to master what you're bad at. You may grasp a technique at a mere moment, or you may be able to learn by doing. I've kept casting double-prop lures this fishing season to learn how to use them. At long last, I can now often catch fish with these lures, but stick lures and chugging lures are still much easier to use for me.
Heddon Wounded Spook SD (Shad) color

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fishing in the evening

I'm a morning person, and generally feel no difficulties to get up early, but today was different. I ran longer than 30 km yesterday, and I was very tired today. In the morning, I went do the shopping with my wife and a daughter, and then I cleaned my room. In the afternoon, I could spare a couple of time, so I decided to go fishing for kickes (I seldom go bass fishing in the evening). I was afraid that most ponds near my place got muddy because of the typhoon that passed last week, so I went to a mountain pond. No special fish, but but it's very nice to be floating on the water in the warm evening of a fall day. I caught a few small bass with a Heddon Wounded Spook and Chugger Spook, and I enjoyed a lot.

Today's tackle:
ABU Ambassadeur 5500CA, Fenwick Woodstream blank custom rod (SP634), Daiwa #4 line (red), Wounded Spook, Chugger Spook, Brush Popper, Zara Spook, etc.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sweet potato farm shop

My wife and daughters wanted to go to a farm shop near my city and dig sweet potatoes. The farmers said that you could dig three vines for JPY 600 (one person), and they did their best to shovel all the potatoes from the earth. I was a little sleepy and stayed in the car with my dog, and was watching them enjoy the farm work. They harvested many potatoes, and we enjoyed them for dinner.