Saturday, October 27, 2012

Improved cosmetically

Old ABU decals (stickers) are getting more and more difficult to find these days. If you can't buy what you want, just try to make it by yourself! I've just made some ABU decals using an aluminum sheet. The fonts and colors a little different from original ones, but they're not so bad. With these small but nice items, my reels are improved cosmetically, as well as mechanically after regular overhauls.

Incidentally, my good friend in the US just sent me this beautiful lure (Walkin' Diddee, 3/4 oz) to me. I like it very much and am very happy to have it in my collection. This color is called a 'Jim Pfeffer's Shiner' or 'Spotted Ape', and I believe one of the coolest colors painted in many lures such as Southbend, Heddon and others.

WTB lures in this color:  Southbend Bass Oreno, and Smithwick King Snipe

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