Monday, October 8, 2012

Fishing in the evening

I'm a morning person, and generally feel no difficulties to get up early, but today was different. I ran longer than 30 km yesterday, and I was very tired today. In the morning, I went do the shopping with my wife and a daughter, and then I cleaned my room. In the afternoon, I could spare a couple of time, so I decided to go fishing for kickes (I seldom go bass fishing in the evening). I was afraid that most ponds near my place got muddy because of the typhoon that passed last week, so I went to a mountain pond. No special fish, but but it's very nice to be floating on the water in the warm evening of a fall day. I caught a few small bass with a Heddon Wounded Spook and Chugger Spook, and I enjoyed a lot.

Today's tackle:
ABU Ambassadeur 5500CA, Fenwick Woodstream blank custom rod (SP634), Daiwa #4 line (red), Wounded Spook, Chugger Spook, Brush Popper, Zara Spook, etc.

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