Sunday, October 28, 2012

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What're these reels?? The answer is 'ABU Ambassadeur F.I.V.E.' I'm holding a lot of memories about ABU F.I.V.E. reel. When I first visited the US in the late 1980s, I picked up one in K-mart store in Ohio. It was one of the cheapest ABU Ambassadeur reels there, but I wanted a black ABU Ambassadeur reel then, and decided to buy it. After I was back to Japan, I used it in Lake Biwa and other waters and caught a lot of fish.
Today, I put the handmade decals on the rims to decorate them tastefully. I'd like to use them again in my next fishing season.

I also made a decal (so-called face sticker) for my ABU Ambassadadeur Royal Gold LE. I'm not sure, but guessing LE means 'Limited Edition'. This is similar to ABU 4600C or Royal Express I, but the frame is gold.

And extras.

By the way, I had a slight cold on Thursday and Friday, and could not run a meter. I have not attained my monthly goal (300 km in total) in October, so I ran 23 km each yesterday and today. I have to finish strong for more three days to go.

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