Thursday, June 24, 2010

The farther you go....

Last night, I was excited to prepare for another fishing trip and carefully selected lures to take with. Below is a scan of my tackle box to go.

I left home in the midnight, drove through four prefectures to go fishing in far central Japan with a good fishing buddy of mine. We fished almost 14 hours from early in the morning to the evening, but all I could catch was this baby fish. And it was even caught accidentally while I was retrieving the bait. The fishing was very slow and the result was poor, but I enjoy a lot on the water in a breathtaking setting of natural beauty.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

Today, we took out our daughters to Skymark Stadium in Kobe to watch a professional baseball game. The Stadium was very beautiful, and they looked excited to watch a game for the first time in their lives.

When the 5th inning was over, a series of wonderful fireworks burst across the sky.

My wife and I wanted to keep watching the game, but our daughters said they got sleepy before the end of the game, so we reluctantly left there.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Super Frog, not Bass Frog

I looked through my tackle boxes and found the name of the frog I used last time 'Super Frog', not 'Bass Frog', which I had believed. Among Bill Plummer's frogs, this Super Frog (so called "2nd frog") is on the top of my list, and I have several of them in stock.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bass Frog

I got skunked in the first pond, and then I quickly went to another. The fishing was very slow in this pond as well, so I changed the lures to an old rubber frog (Bill Plummer Bass Frog, maybe made more than 30 years ago). I quietly cast it on the water surface near the grassy shore, and it immediately disappeared from the surface. A nice bass swallowed it.

This bass was about 3lb, the largest one and the hardest fighter during this season of mine .

Today's tackle:
ABU Record, Phillipson RC60 (rebuilt), Stren 14lb (Clear Blue), Bill Plummer Bass Frog, Heddon Lucky 13, Zara Spook, Chugger Spook, etc.