Sunday, August 22, 2010

Go camping with a dog

It is a lot of fun to go camping with your dog. Our dog happily ran, swam, got on the canoe, dug to eat sands and make his bed, chased many insects and frogs, and deeply slept night and day.

We also enjoyed fishing, though we could not catch a big one.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cotton Cordell lures

I cast Cotton Cordell lures very often in clear-water lakes. One of my favorites is Boy Howdy in nickle silver w/ black back color.

They sold two types in this lure in the 1980s - the early 1990s. One is a double-prop bait and the other is a stick one w/o props. Then, they suddenly quit making the stick ones in the 2000s, however, they seem to make them again this year. I like the stick one much better, so I had to remove the props and attach a small round lead on the tail to use until last year (the top lure), but now I don't need to do so any more. I've just bought 10 of them and am ready to go out with them.