Monday, February 17, 2014

Who's autograph?

An autograph of genius lure inventor. Yes, it is Tom Mann's. 
I recently happened to find and got this lure.
It was much bigger than I expected, so I decided to display it on a wall of my study.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not Nip-I but

Walkin' Diddee lures made by Genuine Crankbait Brand, which was a division of Luhr Jensen in the late 1980s -1990s. I'm wondering if Southbend or Evans made Walkin' Diddees for sale, but all I have seen were Crankbait's or Luhr Jensen's. I like the bigger ones (3/4 oz), but now these lures, even the smaller ones, are very difficult to find. It may be only proper, because almost 25 years have passed since these were made.

It is a holiday (National Foundation Day) today. I was thinking to go out, but the weather is not good and I'm hesitating. Since last month, I've been making lists of my fishing tackle and they're nearly done. What I knew is that I can't tell my wife how many (thousands of) lures, how many (hundreds of) reels and rods I have in my room. She never counted them. Anyway, who can tell how many is enough.

I also started to prepare for the next fishing season. I picked up these lures from my stock or collection boxes and put them in two user boxes. Then I'll make a short list of lures to go fishing with. I tried to find something a little out of the ordinary, but they're not so different at all...    

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Speaking of Eger, I like Dillenger lures as well Sweet 16. There're some variations in Dillinger lures, and those with props are very popular and collectible, but what I like best are plastic stick baits. As you can see on the packages, they're sold by Rhoden Engerprises. 

The middle one is a NIP (never opened) Dillinger in a spotted ape color (also called a Jim Pfeffer's shiner or Mr Limpet). What a nice looking lure, it is!