Saturday, March 31, 2012

Singin' in the rain

I woke up at 03:45 and went fishing for the first time this year. Warm southern wind has been blowing since last evening, and it was still warm even early in the morning. However, it has already started to rain, sometimes heavily.
I started fishing before dawn, and I got a bite on my Gilmore Hoodler but could not hook it. Maybe it was a very small fish. The weather forecast said a cold front would move through our area in the morning, so I finished fishing just after checking a pond round. Anyway, it was good to be able to go out for fishing this year again.

Today's tackle:
ABU Record 5000 (BLK), Phillipson Challenger (9055 rebuilt), Stren 14lb (clear), Gilmore Hoodler, Wood Lucky 13, Shakespeare Swimming Mouse, etc. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ready to go

Little by little, but it's getting warmer. I have chosen my tackle and now am ready to go. During low water temperature season, I like to cast old wooden lures very slowly but steadily. My choices are Shakespeare Mouse, CCBO Mouse, Pflueger Ballerina, Southbend Bass Oreno, Gilmore Hoodler, and other lures of proven worth.

Cool face! This lure (Shakespear Glo-Lite Swimming Mouse) looks like my dog.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin 910XT

Finally I got it! I've already run about 40km with it since I receive it last week, and my workout is getting more and more exciting. I can check my pace, heart rate, distance, and other data, whenever I want to check it during running. I'd also like to use it for my fishing so that I can find how fast I paddle my canoe. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

In the end

To be on the safe side, I did not run the full marathon race on 26 Feb. As some of my friends say to me, I'm not so young! I still have a strange feeling around my right knee, and decided to have some rest for a while. My racing season is over, and I take care of my fishing tackle every weekend to start the fishing season. With which ones shall I go out as a starter?

In the meantime, my mice collection is now growing, but all in all, Garcia is my favorite.