Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hope to recover

I have not had a chance to go fishing this month. Have not worked out hard, either.

I have had a hard time due to a bad ache in my upper jaw since the end of May. Finally, I had an oral surgical operation last Monday to remove a cyst. The doctor cut my upper gum, opened a part of the jawbone, removed the cyst, and stitched up the cut.

The next day, the right side of my face swelled up like a boxer who got plenty of punches, and I could not chew well. Then, I'm feeling better little by little, and now I can eat almost as usual.

I'll have the doctor remove the stitches next Tuesday, and I guess we take a wait-and-see approach for a while. Anyway, I hope to recover as soon as possible.


I recently collected some Smithwich  Devil's Horse F300 lures. They're large, about 6 inches long, and much more difficult to find than F200 or F100. Like other lures, older ones (pre-Pradco) look fascinating.

The biggest difference between older and newer ones is the eye shadows. Those of newer ones are spray-painted to save costs or steps.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nice lures I recently got

I happened to get two old nice Heddon baits at a low price in a row. One is a Magnum Tiger in TGG (Tiger Green) color. This color was specially ordered by Smith in the early 1980s. 

The other is a Dying Flatter in SJ/S (Smoky Joe Silver Flash) color. This color was also made for Japan market ordered by Smith. 

These nice lures may be still out there...