Saturday, August 17, 2013

Too hot

We have very hot weather these days here (36 degrees C, = about 100 degrees F), and it is too hot for most people to enjoy outdoor during daytime. I went fishing last weekend and today again, but fish were very slow. I got some good blow-ups but only caught one fish with a Big Bud (no pictures of the fish). Speaking of Big Bud, I grab a beer almost every evening.

After I'm back, I repaired one of my Pico Plunkers. Pico Plunkers were made of wood and sold by Nichols or Padre Island Company (= old Pico). I like them very much as well as Pico Pop lures. One eye of the yellow one (yellow body with black stripes, nice color) has gone, so I wanted to make the eyes of it by myself. I used spherical heads of needles, painted them, and put them on the eye holes of the lure body. 

I keep working out as well under this blazing hot summer condition. I finished 50 km pace running two weeks ago, and 7.5-hour trail running last week. I also ran a total of 40 km on Wednesday, to go to work and back from. I'm now wondering where to go tomorrow. 

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