Saturday, August 3, 2013


On 31 July, I ran twice, both before- and after- work. I was just like an elementary school kid who was in his homestretch to finish his homework in the end of a long summer vacation. In any event, I ran a total of 310km in July as I first planned.

I'm feeling a slight sign of fatigue around my right shin (above the ankle) and taking care of it. After having some good rest, I'd like to run 50km at a time in this weekend.

This picture shows soles of my running shoes that I ran 1000km with. My shoes always go to the bad after 600km running or so, but this pair (Asics Gel Funline) was tough enough. The outer soles on the heels have already gone, so I don't  think I will run long with them any more.

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