Sunday, July 28, 2013

Still tough

I went fishing again early in the morning today, but it was still very tough.
I could catch a small bass with a Pico Pop, and that's all.

This time, I took two cameras with me on my floating tube, one for movie and one for photo. By luck, the camera was working when I caught the fish. I could take a short movie of my fishing from the blowup of the water surface to landing. The fight was not so hard, but I hope you enjoy it.

After getting back, I ran about 37.5km on sloping roads. On the way, there is a famous reservoir and I found a greenish bloom on the water surface (presumably a bloom of blue-green alga). Less fishers than usual enjoyed fishing there. 

I drank a total of more than 2.5L water while I ran, but I got dehydrated. I lost 2kg of my body weight after I ran, and I was almost in a stupor. The exercise was not good, and I should have taken much water and salt. 

Today's tackle: ABU 5500CA, Daiko Prestige PBC-56L, Stren 14lb (Lo-Vis Green), Pico Pop, Pico Slasher, Zara Spook, Wounded Spook, Chugger Spook, etc.


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