Monday, July 15, 2013

Three-day weekend

It is a holiday today (Marine Day), so we have a three-day weekend. I went fishing just early in the morning for about a couple of hours. Fish were so slow, maybe because of recent too hot weather, but I could catch some fish (all were small) and enjoyed the morning air.

Almost half of this pond is covered with floating weeds, and others are not. I used prop-baits when I cast to open spots, and weedless lures on the weeds. Bass were prowling around the weeds and not around the shore, and I caught all the bass with prop baits (Pico Slasher, Wounded Spook, and Nip-I-Deddee). I also got many bites on my mouse baits (Garcia Mouse and Moss Mouse), but it seemed the bass were too small to swallow them.

One thing I didn't like today was the line. I chose a Daiwa's red line (Astron ISO #4), because I thought it was a match for my reel (ABU 5000). The line is so-so when the water temperature is low, but it gets extremely soft and easy to be crumpled under high temperature condition. It made me frustrated when I used prop baits, because the line was often tangled with the front prop of my baits. All in all, Stren is my favorite.

Today's tackle: ABU 5000 (palming), Fenwick Boron-X (custom rod, w/ Fuji wood handle), Daiwa Astron #4 (red), Pico Slasher, Wounded Spook, Nip-I-Deddee, Garcia Mouse, Moss Mouse, Bass Frog, etc. 

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