Sunday, July 14, 2013

Work out

In June, I ran (only) 13 times. Not different from a training method for full-marathon, I've been trying to run not so often, but much longer distance each time. I ran a full marathon distance once, 35-40km three time, 20-30km  three times, and 10-20km six times. I was basically trying to rack up the distance, not paying much attention to the pace (sometimes I did walk). I also tried to season myself to the hot temperature before a blazing summer came). The monthly total distance was 293km, not so bad in the rainy season.

In this month, I have to get more stamina and build up my leg strength. I ran 20km pace-running twice (a total of 40km) in a single day last week. I also tried a 36km pace-running yesterday. So far, so good. From now on, my set schedule will include a 50km pace-running, 7-hour running, and so on. I don't know what future will bring, but I want to try as hard as possible.

Mental strength is also very important to overcome the hot summer, so I'm now looking for good items to cool down my brain. I'm wondering how good this one is??

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