Sunday, April 3, 2016

New paddle

I purchased a new paddle (Harmony Far Tortuga Featherlok) the other day, and I used it for the first time yesterday. It is a US made paddle and I happened to find it for sale (almost 60% off) in a shop. I'm impressed with the stiff and light carbon fiber shaft, which extends to the tips of the blades. The blades are made of wood (cedar) overlaid with fiberglass and graphite. You can adjust the total length with the center ferrule (featherlok system), from 84-1/2 to 89-1/4 inches (215-227cm).

After comparing it to my other two paddles, I find it can't improve the maximum speed of the kayak but can surely reduce fatigue. Moreover, I can handle it in one hand due to its light weight (only 1lb-8oz, 670g), and I expect this will work fine when I want to slightly change the position of the kayak, for example, when I give actions to topwater lures. I love this beautiful paddle very much, though I have to handle it with more care.


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