Sunday, May 10, 2015


I aligned my rod and reel setting last night, and decided to go fishing for a short time this morning. I fixed the ferrule of the rod grip, and changed reels from the thumb-bar type one (Royal Gold LE) to a regular pushing clutch one (4500AL). 

I got to the same pond as yesterday at 04:10 and started fishing. The rod and reel combination was fine, and I felt comfortable with them.

Yesterday's fishing suggested fish would still be very slow, so I selected a 3-hook lure that I can retrieve steadily, Gilmore Hoodler. When I quietly cast it to a small shallow area, I saw a small movement of water just behind it. I waited for several seconds, and gave the first subtle action. Then again, I saw water move. I paused for  several seconds again, and gave a trembling action to the bait. At last, the bait slowly passed from my view with no splash and sound, and I set a hook hard. It was a nice muscular bass, and I managed to catch it.

Today's tackle: ABU Ambassadeur 4500AL, Phillipson Royal RC60, Stren 12lb (Clear/Blue Fluorescent), Jitterstick, Gilmore Hoodler, Zara Spook, Pico Pop, Meadow Mouse, etc. 

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