Sunday, June 2, 2013

Offshore fishing

Yesterday, I went for a fishing trip and enjoyed offshore fishing in the Sea of Japan. My main target was red sea bream, but I could not catch any of this species this time. The two in the picture were not what I caught, but what were given to me. 
I'll sharpen my kitchen knives from now, and clean all the fish to cook for lunch and dinner. Most fish species are common among offshore fishers except for the striped fish in the picture. It is Spottedtail Black-barred morwong, Goniistius zonatus quadricornis, which is called Takanoha-dai Yuudachi-takanoha in Japanese. This fish is not supposed to be delicious, so I was wondering if I should release it to the sea, but it was almost dead when I caught it. Then, I decided to take it home to cook and try. 

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