Friday, May 31, 2013

Big bass caught with SGA

Wow, he (the owner of Retrom) did it. He sent me pictures of bass he caught with a SGA Pico Pop, one of my special order lures. This bass must have been a good fighter.

This cute fish was also attracted by the same lure.

Regarding the special lures in KCH and SGA, I received inquiries from some people, so I made a short page in Japanese. Let me get into a talk about them.  Here it is.


By the way, MAEYAMA CUSTOM Fishing Derby is about to start. If you catch a bass with a MAEYAMA CUSTOM Pico Pop in June, send him a photo of the fish and yourself. If you win, you can get a nice reel, lure, or something like that. See details from here.  

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