Monday, May 13, 2013


 As I mentioned before, I ordered special lures from Pico, but this project was not only mine. We (by we, I mean a close friend of mine and I) had developed an idea since last year, planned the designs, and have finally got all of our lures. By any chance, are you interested in his lures? If so, you should drive to RETROM, shouldn't you? You can find and pick up a dozen of different colors there. All of these lures are marked 'PICO POP (or PICO)' and 'MAEYAMA CUSTOM' on the body. 

And, a few more nice colors.

Some of my colors (KCH, Muskellunge, and SGA, Jim Pfeffer's Spotted Ape) may be available there, too. I also have some extras for trade or sale with myself (but not so many). If you're interested in my colors, email me to, or other addresses of mine that you've already known.


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