Saturday, June 22, 2013

Am I sane?

Have you ever run longer than a full-marathon at a time?

It is in the middle of good fishing season now, but at the same time I have something else that I should do every weekend. I've signed up for an ultra-marathon (100km) held in September, and keep training for such a long distance under blazing hot condition. I'm making it a rule to slowly run road/trail course in mountainous areas around my place at least 3-4 hours every Saturday or Sunday. How about today? Of course, I ran 39 km, sparing more than 5 hours.

When I run, I often visit some ponds which I found on my maps and have never been to, and check if I can fish there. It is another fun when I run. 

Heddon Zara II XRO (called an Ultraman color)

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