Sunday, June 26, 2016

Review of STTS Grip

I've often asked about my user's review of the STTS grip, as I posted some pictures of my fishing tackle. I like building and refinishing rods by myself and have done many. I find some tips to use the grip for your rods, and let me show you here.

(1) Reviews
Physically beautiful. Super light. Very easy to cast and to palm. You may suggest the surface material may be slippery, but it is grippy. I have relatively big hands, so I sometimes feel that a little bigger handle may be better, which doesn't bother me so much. If you thoroughly loosen the screw for the reel seat, the screw can drop out so easily that you should be careful.

(2) Reel setting
As this grip is too light, I'm feeling light-weight reels fit better. Of course I like the combo with my ABU 5000 reels, but I feel more comfortable when I set lighter reels. I'd like to try 4500 reels soon later.

(3) Blank setting
This grip is originally designed to be non-detachable, and you should glue or bond one of your blank in the front hole of the grip. However, I'd like to enjoy trying some of my blanks by rotation. I set a blank using sealing tapes for water pipes, and can exchange to another. I can firmly fix the blank this way, and I've had no troubles so far.

(4) Others
I like old fishing reels, but shape of each reel differs one by one. Some reels have a high-arched foot, and they may often be groggy on a reel seat of any grip. I make it a rule to attach a 1mm rubber sheet on almost all of the reel seat of my grips. This way, you can tightly set your reel on the seat.  

I like my vintage Phillipson's grips very much, and have used them for long. I'm sure that I'll use them forever, but recently I feel them too heavily to use whole a day. This STTS grip is a good help to remove my exhaustion, and I like it very much, too.   

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