Thursday, June 16, 2016

Before going to work

Now, it's almost the summer solstice and the sun rises around 04:00 here. I went for one-hour fishing before going to work today.

I mis-cast my Hedd Plug and, it hanged down from a branch above the water surface. Then, I let some line go, and when the bait got to the water, this bass rushed at it. Immediately I also rushed off to the fish and could manage to catch it. It's not a lot of fun to fish this way, as you cannot have time to directly fight with fish, but this method often works fine. We call it 'lantern fishing' in Japan, as a hanging lure looks like a lantern.    

Today's tackle: ABU 5500C (BLK), Phillipson 3M B7L1 custom, Stren Clear Blue 14lb, Heddon Original Zara Spook, Lucky 13, Chugger Spook, Hedd Plug, etc.

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