Monday, September 14, 2015


What I'm talking about is not the bad weather or typhoon around here, but a lure manufacturer. I'm now getting a little interested in their lures, both old and new ones.

When I was young (about 30 years ago), I caught a lot of bass with Wiggle Wart and Mag Wart (Magnum Wiggle Wart) lures. I checked my old fishing tackle boxes just of late and what I could find there were one VG- Wiggle Wart (w/ many paint losses), one EX+ Magnum Wart, both in Hot Tiger, and one NIB Wiggle Wart with black back silver scale color. I don't think I'll use Wiggle Wart lures very often as a diving lure, but I'd like to try them as a topwater lure. I also hear old Wiggle Warts, especially those made of a bone plastic material, are getting more and more popular among tournament fishers in the US, and they're getting difficult to find at a reasonable price.

I also looked for some pieces of information about newer Storm lures. What I was surprise at was that Rapala Japan ordered some special colors for Japan market this year. I like the Baby Bass and Oikawa colors very much, and could finally get one each. At the same time, I happened to find a bunch of remainder lures of Storm Sub Warts in the largest size. The price was about $3.50 each (plus tax), and I'm very to get them. Sub Warts won't dive deep at all, and I'd like to use them as a topwater lure, too.

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