Sunday, September 13, 2015

3-day weekend

It's Sunday, and I got up early to go fishing again. It was only two-hour fishing, but I enjoyed a lot.

I started as early as the last time, but it was so cloudy and dark today. I used black-shore colored lures until dawn broke, Wounded Spook for a starter and then changed to Original Zara Spook. Around when it broke gray little by little, I cast the Original Zara Spook near a shore spot, and started to retrieve it with a series of walk-a-dog actions.  After two or three slow actions, it suddenly disappeared from the water surface with big splash. I could see everything from beginning to end, though it was still dark. It was a nice bass, and I was content just to be able to catch it with one of my favorite Zara Spooks.

You can see how steeply this bait sways back!

After it got light, I tried many kinds of lures but had no good results. I got some bites with a rubber frog (Mann's Popper), but I could not hook them up at all. Before going to home, I decided to try a large minnow lure, Whopper Stopper Hellcat, which I changed hooks of and put in my tackle box last night. I wanted to test topwater minnowing with it, and got an answer really quickly. On the second cast, I saw a fish rush straight at it but miss. Then I gave it a pause for several seconds and then twitched it a few times very softly. Right on cue, the fish made a blow-up again. It was a fattened fish with a potbelly, and was a good fighter.

This minnow lure has high buoyancy and shows attractive wiggling-darting actions when twitched, and pops to surface immediately. I became quite fond of it.

Today's tackle: ABU Ambassdeur 4500AL, Fenwick LGX -38C, Daiwa Astron ISO #4 (12lb?), Heddon Wounded Spook, Original Zara Spook, 210, Lucky 13, Pico Pop, Mann's Popper, Gilmore Jumper, Smithwick Devil's Horse F300, Whopper Stopper Hellcat, etc.

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