Sunday, August 24, 2014

Long trail

Today, I got up very early in the morning, took the first train, and ran/wandered a long trail of Kobe. I got going from Moto-machi, ran through Shin-Kobe, and went into one of the Rokko trails. Just near a famous fall (Nunobiki-fall), I found a big wild boar (wild pig?) fell down on the ground. They say wild boars often harm you seriously, so I was careful and a little scared, but it was already dead. I ran through the fall, and headed to the top of Takao Mountain.

The route was much steeper than I expected, and I regretted my shoes. I wore well-used pair of jogging shoes, not trail-running ones, and I have to carefully stepped on the way. Anyway, I reached the top, and then made my way to Tanigami station. 

I grabbed my second breakfast of today at McDonald's in Tanigami station, and re-started running toward north. There is a good bicycle path along a reservoir (Lake Tsukuhara), and I have run there many times. However, the path were partly covered by soils and/or stones, which were driven by torrential rains of Typhoon No.11.

I managed to go through the path and got to a rural area of west Kobe. The two mountains in the picture are Mt. Mekko and Mt Okko, which I have traversed many times.

In an industrial zone of west Kobe, I found a famous athletic-goods company. Yes, Asics. I ran around to the main gate and took another picture. 

I finally got to another station, but didn't take a train. I ran for another hour and got to my house. The total time I ran today was more than 7 hours, and I'm very exhausted now.

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