Sunday, August 17, 2014

Long skirt?

In the morning, I jogged 12km to remove fatigue in my legs. I ran a total of 96km this week, and it is rigorously enough. 

Now, I'm planning to go fishing in an area a bid farther out from our place, where I once fished more than 15 years ago. I may have to fish from shore, and I'm now choosing my tackle. When I do out lures in my tackle boxes, interesting lures often come in the way. 

This looks a usual Heddon Tiny Chugger Spook, but....

it is marked 'HEDDON SKIRTED CHUGGER' on the belly.

Yes, it wears a long gorgeous skirt.

Recently, I got a bunch of lures, I pulled them together, too. Now, my coach-dog colored Big Hedd collection is nearly finished. However, I'm afraid it is very difficult to find the last one, YCD (Yellow Coach Dog), as I've so far seen them not so many times.

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