Monday, May 23, 2011

Reel handle

Reel handles are user-replaceable, which means you may have a lot of difficulties until you find your best ones. My favorite ones are double knobs (7cm between them) with a double-screwed retainer. As I mentioned before, longer ones (8cm between the knobs) are easy to reel steadily, but when I give a lure dog-walk actions, shorter handles are much better for me because I can reel more quickly (you can turn the handle in a smaller radius).


  1. Hi, was wondering where you can get these double handles from? They look perfect for those old reels. Great blog, I`m a fan of the old Ambassadeurs too :-)

  2. Hi, Mark
    Thanks for your comment. I bought some in the 1970-1980s, some at eBay (US), and some brand-new ones from recent Japan market. Here, similar sigmoid handles for ABU reels are available from several shops. Kazz