Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pico Pop again

I went bass fishing again early this morning. I got a bite in the first pond and caught this fish with the same Pico Pop that I fished with last week. She was not so big but showed a good fight.

I also visited two more ponds, but could not get any hits any more. Today, I tried longer reel handle than usual, but it was not good for me, especially when I use stick baits and poppers. The difference between the long and short handle is only 1cm (shorter than 1/2 in.), but I have and am bothered by discomfort feeling so much. I'd like to replace them before I go fishing next fishing.Today's tackle:
ABU 5500ST (Striper) & Fenwick Boron-X 953 (rebuilt), ABU 5500C & Daiko Prestige PBC-56L, Stren 14lb (Low-Vis Green), Pico Pop, Lucky 13, Bass Oreno, Wounded Spook, Zaragossa Jr., etc.

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