Sunday, August 7, 2016

Reinforced-rig Zara Spook

I often use old Zara Spook lures these days. Among them, I like to cast ones with reinforced-rigs, which are so called "Second version Zara Spook" in Japan. Of course I like their dog-walk actions combined with brisk diving, but the reason I chose them in summer is...their snag-less shape and weight. Branches and leaves of overhung trees are so thick and dense during this season, but these baits are very hard to be caught by them. If you use lighter lures, they're easy to be snagged. These Second version Zara Spooks are the heaviest among similar Zara Spook lures (except for larger Super Spooks), and most snag-less, I believe. I'm now wondering which ones to put into my box next.


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