Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rough paint

It's getting colder and colder, but I'd like to have a few more chances to go fishing during this year. I also started off-season routine, listing and organizing my reels, rods, and lures in the boxes and drawers. It is time-consuming, but interesting.
I got some wood lures for starters. I like old wood lures. Some among them are painted very beautifully, I'd rather say graciously, such as old Heddon lures. On the other hand, some are painted roughly ( I mean "simply" ) and have rustic appearance that I also like very much.

These are NIB Gilmore wood lures, Super Jumper, Large Jumper, and Hoodler. Their painting scheme is simple, but looks attractive for me.

Fred Arbogast made some wooden rustic lures, too. These (below) are named 'Scudder'. They're big but I believe good for bass as well. Older ones have dent eyes, while newer ones have plain painted eyes. Of course I like older ones much better. 

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