Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reel cover

We were planning to go offshore fishing in the Sea of Japan, but it was canceled  because of bad weather. It is so windy that I can't go out for bass fishing, either. I decided to be an armchair fisherman today, and tried to make reel covers by hand.

At first, I was thinking to pick some up from Bass Pro Shop. They're not so expensive and according to my good friend in the US they're well-made. However, when I was in a store near my place, I found a good case named 'Door Knob Reminder Pocket'. It reminded me of the reel cover. The store is so called 100-yen shop (= one dollar store), where you can buy every item for JPY 100 each. I bought some of them.

I cut the case, sewed some ends and Velcro tapes to make it fit my reel. I made two and sewed a small Garcia patch on one of them to tell which reel is inside the cover. It needs some more needlework, but worth trying during off-season.


  1. Great idea, Kazz-San. I need to do similar thing for my baitcasters, so you inspired me to look around. I live near Bass Pro here in Florida, so maybe I just take easy way out! Recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it. Please keep up the great writing and pics! Regards, JJ

  2. Hi, Thanks for your nice comment. Sounds like you live in a good place to enjoy fishing as well as to look for vintage lures. I like old Florida-made lures, too. Thanks again for visiting my site. Light lines, Kazz