Sunday, November 22, 2015

Last fishing?

We have a three-day weekend here, as 23 Nov is a holiday. I almost gave up going, but I could go fishing today for the first time in this month. 

I thought metal-side reels would be too cold to palm under low temperature conditions, so I picked up one with a plastic side (ABU Ultra Mag II) from my reel case last night. I renewed the line on it, and oiled some parts. 

The water was very cold, much colder than last time, and I was afraid fish were slow. I kept fishing with slow and steady method using wood lures such as Heddon Crab Wiggler (this is exactly suitable for this technique). However, I got no reactions from fish at all.

When I fished almost all the shore areas of the pond, I decided to try a Bass Oreno (frog color) for a change before I went home. I cast it, waited for a several seconds, and gave it actions very slowly. Suddenly the water surface blew up, and I saw a big bass punch my lure. I set a hook hard, and started to reel my line. Then, as the fish rushed a few yards, the line stopped. It dived into submerged branches and got stuck. I hoped the fish was still being hooked, but when I started to get close there, I saw the fish swim toward me and yawn openly. It was just like saying 'See you!', and I really felt let down.

All in all, I had second thought that it was good to be able to see a bass during this season of the year. I was thinking today would be my last chance to go bass fishing during this season, but I may not know when to give up.

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