Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hard time

I now have a hard time with my tooth pain (radicular cyst). I went to the dentist four times during the past week to remove the pain, and will go to an oral surgery next Friday. What's worse, a slow typhoon hit our area and we had much rain here. I'm afraid I can't go fishing this weekend (plus a holiday on Monday).

I've just repaired my Boy Howdy lures and getting my Cotton Cordell lures straight in stock trays. I put some silver (silver foil like) paint on the bodies. These are not beautifully finished, but I think it's OK. I always give them fast dog-walk actions, so I presume fish won't find out the poor paints. 

Cotton Cordell has released so many attractive lures. I like Red Fin, Chop Stick, Crazy Shad, and others as well as Boy Howdy. 

I'd like to fish with these baits under unusual bad condition after the typhoon. The Red fins have a prop on the tail, which rotate extremely smoothly. 

Crazy Shad is a famous prop bait, but the body shape is special (body side are flattened). I think it can make fish strike on reflex with a jerking action.

When I checked my Cordell lures, I also found a box that I had not opened for about 20 years. It is not a box for Cordell baits, but full of Zetabait Swamp Rats. As I fish in weedy ponds very often this fishing season, I'd like to cast them in my next fishing.

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