Sunday, July 12, 2015

Boy Howdy

If you fish in a broad area in clear lakes, what I strongly recommend is Cotton Cordell's Boy Howdy. There are several variations in this lure, but my favorite is the stick bait type (w/o props) in chrome-black color.

These (pictured above) are old ones made in the 1970-1980s. I caught not less than 100 fish with the bottom chrome-black one.

In general, double-prop ones seem to be much more popular than stick ones (especially in the US). You see most of Boy Howdy lures they have sold since the 1990s are with props, and stick bait ones are very difficult to find. I tune the prop ones by myself, removing  the small props on each end and attach a small round lead in the tail. 

Another downside of these newer products are the paint. The chrome paints are easily rubbed raw by hooks, so I have to have many duplicates.

Several years ago, Pradco suddenly made stick ones in the US. I, of course, happily bought a bunch. As I was afraid, these are already discontinued and all I find in the shops are regular prop ones. If I learn from market, I think I should try a prop one for fishing for a change...

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