Saturday, November 29, 2014

Last bass fishing

It's been rainy since early morning, but very warm for this season of the year. 

I was thinking today would be the final opportunity to go bass fishing during this season, and went to bed early last night. I visited a pond which is relatively large and deep among those around my place, as I expected it would have warmer water than others. I started fishing at 05:50, but it was still very dark and I needed a light to tie and change lures. 

Plenty of fallen leaves were floating on the water surface, and I felt difficulties to fish with topwater lures. However, I kept casting them, and did cast no diving lures. I managed to have a few reactions from fish, and I could catch one with a Heddon Meadow Mouse. This fish showed a good blow-up with splash just after I gave three consecutive actions to my mouse bait, and then I set a hook hard immediately. I didn't want to let it go away, so I cautiously reeled my line and finally caught it. It was a small bass, but I felt very happy with it. After I caught it, the rain got harder and harder, and I decided to finish fishing much earlier than I expected. I also decided to close the circle of bass fishing of 2014 today. I'd like to clean my float tube, waders, and fins to winterize until next spring.

Today's tackle: ABU Ambassdeur 5000CDL, Fenwick Boron-X (XCA-554 or 555, hand-customed)Stren Hi-Vis Green 14lb, Heddon Zara Spook (2nd), Chugger Spook, Meadow Mouse, Lucky 13, Big Bud, Gilmore Hoodler, etc.


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