Friday, November 21, 2014

Balsa 50 Special

Retrom has issued some special Balsa 50 lures, and now three new colors, which are painted in tribute to old Bagley lures, I believe) are for sale. That reminds me that I have some old ones in my tackle boxes. The perch one (with a thick lip engraved as Balsa 50 on it) is the first Balsa 50 that I got in my life. My memory serves I bought it in a fishing tackle shop in Osaka in 1980 or 1981. I went there with a good fishing buddy of mine, and I also remember he bought a Speedstick rod and a Diamond Micon reel. It was a real good day of shopping.

I bought the white coachdog and parrot ones a little later, as they're newer ones. You can see some changes on the body shape and lip.

I also found these special lures in an old box of mine, too. You can see 'FSS SPECIAL' marked on the back. Yes, these were special lures ordered by a famous fishing tackle shop in Osaka, Fishing Salon Shinsaibashi. Both were originally designed as deep-running lures, but I cut the lips to change them to shallow-runners, as I intended to use them as topwater baits.

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