Sunday, November 23, 2014

Finished a marathon

Just five years have passed since I first tried a marathon race. 

Today, I ran the same race as I did five years ago. To be honest, I have been ill-prepared for it. Since I ran the 100 km race in Sep, I have not worked out so hard. I ran only 155 km in Oct, and 110 km in Nov before today's race. I don't want to excuse, but I've been very busy working these days. Moreover, I have a strange feeling on the top of my left foot after I once laced up my new shoes too tight. It still swells up, so I decided not to push myself so hard.

The race started at 10:30, and it turned sunny when we started. I ran at almost the same pace through the race. Before I started, I planned to maintain 5m25s/km, but I changed it to 5m10s-5m15s/km, as I felt both of the weather and my physical conditions were not too bad. In the first half, many runners passed through me, but in the latter half only a few did. On the contrary, I passed through a lot of runners, especially when I ran slopes. Passing through other runners is very exciting, and I could finish on a good note. Now I feel almost no fatigue and no pain on my legs. I'm planning to run another marathon in the end of this year and I'd like to enjoy it, too.

My record: 3h41m29s (1h50m29s + 1h51m00s)

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