Saturday, October 25, 2014

Put my room straight

In the long night of an autumn day, I started to put my room straight, but it was compounded. I'm afraid I can't finish it, as it is so full of fishing tackle.
I have to give the ABU Toby bags an airing. I find I also have green and navy ones.

I displayed my ABU Ambassadeur 5000C's in chronological order. It is said that the first model was made in circa 1967, and I have at least one in each production year of 1967-1978, and reproduction of 1984. This reel was also manufactured in 1979-1981, but I have not collected them. 

I also organized fishing tackle collection that I named 'All That Takeshi Kaiko (a prominent novelist, essayist, documentary writer, and fisher)'

I tried to do out my Chugger collection, but I gave it up. I have to many to handle. Among my Chugger Spooks, there are some standard colors that you may overlook, if you don't pay much attentions to subtle differences. These colors below can be much more difficult to get than you expect.
RH (w/ sprayed pupils and black eye-shadows around eyes, clear belly)
XRW (w/ sprayed pupils)
XRS (w/ sprayed pupils and silver scale on the back)
BF (Yellow-eyed one and one w/ yellow eye-shadows)

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