Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fluorescent colors

I believe fluorescent colors works fine in muddy waters, especially in fall season when water level often changes due to typhoons and/or heavy rain. One of my favorites is Heddon's YSL color (Yellow Snake Line, also known as YFSL). I've caught a lot of bass with YSL lures, like this one in 2013.

One of mine is NMIB and the box says 9540 RESEARCH, which means it was sold for market research before they decided to sell the color in full swing. I'm afraid the color didn't become extremely popular among fishers at the time, as Heddon didn't bring out so many of 9540's in this color.

I am thinking this color may have derived from other manufacturers such Whopper Stopper, Bomber, or Fred Arbogast. You may find much more of similarly-designed lures like Hellbender, Crapshooter, or others.

I changed lines of my reels and am looking forward to going out for fishing with them, but we'll have a big typhoon soon. I'm hoping it will not bring tough times to Japan any more.

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