Friday, September 20, 2013


Here is a personal memo after finishing ultra-marathon.

Muscle aches:
   Almost gone in 3-4 days. I felt like re-starting to run 2-3 days later.

GPS watch (Garmin 910XT):
   I should have locked the keys. When I went to wash my hands on the way, I stopped it by mistake and data of about 2 km were not recorded.

Change of clothes:
   It took about 10 minutes for me, but it was very helpful. I was so refreshed.

RxL 5-finger socks:
   The best socks I've ever bought. I got almost no blisters.
CW-X Point Guard (calf and ankle guard):
   So so. The ankle part may not be needed for me.

DryLite Micro Towel:
   Towels were useless under rainy conditions.

Asics  Neck Cooler:
   I didn't use them, because it was rainy.
Salt supplements:
   I took one tablet per 10 km as usual, and I got no cramps.

Simple Hydration bottle:
   Very light and good to run with. I felt as close as I didn't carry it with me, though I didn't fill it up. It was my mistake to dropped it (twice), when I unbuckled the belt before holding it. It's better to hold it on front or left side of myself, not on the back so that I can't forget I run with it.
SPI belt (large) 
    The errastic belt and bag part were good to run with. The bag part seldom swung and I felt no frustration.

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