Saturday, September 22, 2012

Luhr Jensen AC plug

The water was very muddy in the first pond I visited, so I gave it up to keep fishing there. Then, I drove to the second one, where the water quality was not so bad. I got some bites with my Wounded Spook, but I could not hook them up at all (presumably very small bass). I tied the Luhr Jensen AC plug that I tuned up last week. The meandering action of it worked very attractively, and I could catch this nice bass with it. Not very big, but fought hard.

Just before finishing the fishing, I cast an old spoon for the first time in these 4-5 years for bass fishing. I couldn't believe it, but I bought many bites with it and hooked a small bass, though I just retrieving it slowly. I find it is nice to discover new things by taking lessons from old things. 

Today's tackle:
ABU Record 5000 (BLK), Phillipson Challenger (9055 rebuilt), Stren 14lb (clear), Zara II, Wounded Spook, Chugger Spook, Zara Spook, Jointed Jitterbug, AC Plug, Ginzan (spoon), etc.

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